1 Struggle



Most of us find ourselves in a place where we struggle financially. Your expenses exceed your income, and you just feel like you are not getting ahead financially.


Today, over 60% of South Africans have debt that is +3 months in arrears.


The good news is that too much debt and aninadequate income situation can be rectified.




Focus Training Areas:


Personal Financial Management

Assess Financial Performance

Credit Planning


3 Success



Now that your financial situation is stable, you are free to redirect your energy to wealth building activities.


In this exciting phase, members learn how to develop multiple income streams.


We define 'success', as a situation where you have the power of choice.

No longer does your wallet control you and tell you what you can and cannot do.



Focus Training Areas:


Income Tax Planning

Investment Planning

Buying Fixed Property

Starting a Business

Buying a Business

Buying a Franchise

Hedging Strategies



Lao Tzu


Life is a journey. At GIG we have created a roadmap for members to use, to create personal financial wealth as well as leave a legacy behind for future generations. Each one of us is at our own personal point in a journey that we have come to explain as the 4 'S' journey of  struggle to stability to success to signifigance.




The GIG Journey

2 Stability



Once you have quantified your income and expenses (personal budget), we give you tools to resolve overindebtednes as well as restructure expenses.


During the 'stability' phase, the aim is to normalize your financial position, where your income exceeds expenses.


This phase is characterized by a balanced budget (or even small surplus) and a general sense of hope



Focus Training Areas:


Career Planning

Healthcare Planning

Buying a Residence

Protection Planning

Co Operatives


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4 Significance



In the final phase of the GIG Journey, the focus shifts from an inward to an outward focus.


What excites you? What gives you meaning in life?


During this phase of your life, you want to be free to give back into society and the community around you.


Each person is created with a specific purpose and life message.



Focus Training Areas:


Retirement Planning

Emigration Planning

Estate Planning

Offshore Investments