We are all on a journey. At GIG we aim to empower members on a journey to create generational wealth and achieve financial freedom.


This empowerment is done through continued training on a face to face basis as well as through our wealth coach program.


Each member has a wealth coach that assists them through this life long journey






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School LIbrary
School LIbrary

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The Generational Inheritance Group came about during 2008.


The GIG Insititute started with groups of 8-10 like minded families, who met weekly and worked through financial principles and life skills training.While working through the training material, members would start business ventures to put in practise what has been learned.







From 'Alexander Township to Houghton'. From day one our aim has been to make training as accessable as possible to members.


Free Membership to the GIG Institute gives you access to training on personal financial management.


Paid Membership will also give you access to premium training material as well as the services and products of GIG CFI.





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